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The Chiropractic Development Initiative (CDI) began in June 2010. 
CDI is a long-term commitment to positively affect changes in statute, regulation, as well as government and public perception.
CDI directly supports TCA's advocacy, legal and public relations initiatives to advance chiropractic in the Lone Star State.

1. We believe that the people of Texas should be afforded the full benefit of chiropractic care based on the level of education, training and experience of the doctor of chiropractic (DC).

2. We believe that the people of Texas should be afforded access to chiropractic care free of restrictive limitations or discriminatory payment provisions.

3. We believe that DCs should be afforded the level of authority, respect and esteem equal to the dramatic impact they make on the health care system.

Why Should I Support the CDI? Whether you have an all-cash practice, or a practice that only accepts insurance, CDI protects and promotes your rights and your patients’ rights. You benefit, whether you adjust one bone, every bone or no bones at all. If you practice chiropractic, in any form or fashion, you benefit and your patients benefit.

What Will It Take for the CDI to be a Success? The CDI is a long-term plan, which means that it will require continued and sustained support from DCs, patients, vendors and institutions. Rather than a one-time fundraising campaign, annual strategy or a session-by-session plan, the CDI must be a sustained effort to continue the positive momentum for our profession and the patients we serve. CDI will require continuous, grass-roots action and ongoing financial contributions. Most importantly, it requires banding together with your fellow chiropractors for the “greater good."

Contribute online or download a contribution form.

THANK YOU to our CDI Contributors!

Dr. Jeff Williams

The backbone of TCA is our dedicated members and the foundation is CDI, which funds our advocacy, legal and public relations initiatives to advance chiropractic in the Lone Star State.

TCA has ambitious plans as we prepare for the 2019 Legislative Session, which will shape the future of chiropractic in our state. We need to build our reserves for the legal challenges confronting us, that threaten your livelihood and potentially restrict access to chiropractic care for all Texans.

We ask you consider ramping up your support of CDI. While a one-time or annual donation is always appreciated, if you can contribute monthly or quarterly through autodraft, that will help to move us forward. In 2017, TCA launched the 100 x $100 CDI Challenge; just as the name suggests, our goal is to sign up 100 doctors pledging $100/month annually. It is this kind of sustained fundraising we need to continue serving and protecting the profession we all love. Whatever amount you choose to donate, every dollar is appreciated and TCA will spend it wisely. 

We had a record-breaking year for CDI fundraising in 2017 and have enjoyed strong support the Texas chiropractic community this year. However, we must continue the momentum as we push forward! 

Jeff Williams, DC
CDI Committee Chair

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