TSCC Schedule

*Schedule is current as of 11/5/2020 and may be subject to change. 
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Conference Schedule* November 6-15, 2020

These sessions will be offered live and in real-time. TBCE Required Hours must be taken live. 


8:00-9:00am                   CE Session #1 (1 CE hours)
                                           Taking Chiropractic Care to the Next Level: Lessons Learned During a Pandemic in the Professional and College Training Room 
                                           Alan Sokoloff, DC | Sponsored by China-Gel

9:00-9:15am                    Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors

9:15-11:15am                    CE Session #2 (2 CE hours)
                                            Orthopedic Surgery and Rehab for Knee and Shoulder Injuries | Pradeep Kodali, MD
                                             Sponsored by Pradeep Kodali, MD Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

11:15am-1:00pm              Lunch/Break | Replay of Texas Supreme Court Hearing, Special messages from TCA Sponsors                  

1:00-2:00pm                    CE Session #3 (1 CE hours)
                                              Working with Youth Athletes | Blake Graham, DC

2:00-2:15pm                    Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors

2:15-4:15pm                    CE Session #4 (2 CE hours)
                                               Sports Nutrition: Exercise – Friend or Foe | Ron Grabowski, DC

4:15-4:30pm                   Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors

4:30-6:30pm                  CE Session #5 (2 CE hours)
                                          The Overhead Athlete from Pain to Performance | Dino Pappas, DC


8:00-10:00am                 CE Session #6 (2 CE hours)
                                           MRI of Extremity Sports Injuries | Ed Fritsch, DC | Sponsored by Houston MRI & Diagnostic Imaging, and IRIS Radiology

10:00-10:15am                 Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors 

10:15am-12:15pm             CE Session #7 (2 CE hours)
                                           Concussion Evaluation, Management and Treatment | Kelly Ryder, DC

12:15-1:00pm                   Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors

1:00-3:00pm                    CE Session #8 (Part 1) (2 CE hours)
                                            TBCE Hours | Larry Montgomery | Sponsored by Chiromatrix

3:00-3:15pm                     Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors

3:15-5:15pm                      CE Session #8 (Part 2) CONT’D (2 CE hour)
                                            TBCE Required Hours | Larry Montgomery, DC | Sponsored by Chiromatrix

5:15-5:30pm                      Break | Special messages from TCA Sponsors

5:30-6:30pm                     CE Session #9 (1 CE hour)
                                             Management of Everyday vs. Endurance Athletes | Tyler Bowman, DC


 These sessions will be available to watch on your time, November 6-15, 2020.  
Attendees will be required to take quizzes throughout the session to ensure they are watching. 


CE Session #10 (1 CE hours) Manual Therapy vs Massage Therapy: Coding and Documentation  Amy Wood, DC, MCS-P, BA, BS | Sponsored by C3 Plus

CE Session #11 (2 CE hours) Mastering the Feet, Arches and Ankles the “Wong Way”   Kevin Wong DC | Sponsored by Foot Levelers

CE Session #12 (2 CE hours) Control Yourself: High-Load Mobility Training  Pam Owens, CPT | Sponsored by Pam Owens Fitness

CE Session #13 (1 CE hours) Chronic Pain  Adrian den Boer, DC, ND, IFMCP| Sponsored by Ortho Molecular Products

CE Session #14 (1 CE hours) The Autistic Brain: Genetics & Evidence-Based Nutrition Thomas Bynes, DC | Sponsored by DC Courses

CE Session #15 (1 CE hours) Audits are on the Rise Kristi Hudson, CPCO | Sponsored by ChiroHealthUSA

 CE Session #16* (2 CE hours) Concussion: Blast Injury an Objective Approach to Recovery| Kelly Ryder, DC

*COURSE PENDING-This course will not be available starting November 6, but may become available before November 15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

These sessions are for informational purposes only and are not eligible for CE credit.

The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Practice on the Top of Google Search Sponsored by Chiromatrix

Managing Your Online Presence During a Crisis Sponsored by Chiromatrix

For more information, visit the TSCC main page, call the TCA office at (512) 477-9292 or email [email protected]

*Schedule is current as of 10/29/2020 and may be subject to change. TSCC has been approved for 21.5 CE hours with TBCE and is PACE approved (#9651).