Become an Instructor

The Texas Chiropractic Association sponsors continuing education (CE) courses throughout the year. The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) will approve courses sponsored only by a chiropractic college fully credited through the Council on Chiropractic Education or a statewide, national or international professional association, upon application to the board on a form prescribed by the board.

To apply for approval as a TCA CE Instructor: 

  • Meet all the TBCE instructor criteria*
  • Be a TCA member
  • Fill out and return the TCA Program Application
  • Provide payment to TCA for the TBCE application fee for each approved course**
  • Pay TCA a roster processing fee based on the number of CE hours offered
  • Encourage non-TCA members attending to join TCA by providing membership information during course
  • Be approved by the Education Committee

*Instructors meet one of the following criteria as stated in TBCE rule 73.4

        (I) possess a doctorate degree and possess either an active license to practice chiropractic or law;

        (II) is part of the full-time faculty of a chiropractic college accredited by the Council of Chiropractic Education;

        (III) is some other qualified health care provider; or

        (IV) is an individual with substantial knowledge, skills and abilities in chiropractic practice.

**The course must meet the c
riteria for continuing education courses as stated in TBCE rule 73.3.

        (1) be presented by one or more speakers or instructors who demonstrate, through a curriculum vitae or resume, knowledge, training
             and expertise in the topic to be covered;

        (2) have significant educational or practical content to maintain appropriate levels of competency;

        (3) relate to the chiropractic scope of practice, as defined by the Texas Occupations Code §201.002, and §78.13 of this title (relating to Scope of Practice),
             or to knowledge necessary for a licensee to comply with §78.2(a)(1)(F) of this title (relating to Diligence and Efficient Practice of Chiropractic); and

        (4) be on a topic from one or more of the 25 categories listed in TBCE rule 73.3

For more information on CE instructors and courses, contact the TCA Continuing Education Manager at [email protected].