In 2017, the Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA), in conjunction with Parker University and Texas Chiropractic College (TCC), launched Chiropractors Helping In Relief Operations (C.H.I.R.O.) to help Texas chiropractors in their time of need. 

Initially started as a response to Harvey as a way to offer assistance to Texas chiropractors whose practices were affected by the hurricane/storm, the C.H.I.R.O. Fund will continue as a way to support those who may be affected by catastrophic events.

The ultimate goal of C.H.I.R.O. is to help you get back to caring for your patients.

If you have been affected by a catastrophic event, please contact the TCA Office at (512) 477-9292 or email [email protected]

If you would like to make a donation, please contact the TCA Office at (512) 477-9292 for information or to make a donation by credit card. Checks can be sent to TCA office at 1122 Colorado St., Ste. 307, Austin, TX 78701 and please put CHIRO Fund in the memo line.

Monetary donations are not tax deductible, but equipment donations may be considered a business donation. Please check with your tax preparer for verification.  

A message from TCA Past President Max Vige, DC:

SEPT 2017: Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, emailed and messaged those of us in southeast Texas.

Max Vige, DC

As the waters recede and the storm moves away, we are getting to a place where we can start assessing the damage to our offices and homes. Some have been lucky and others have not. We know that you want to help and there are many ways you can. Through the CHIRO initiative, we are working together to find out who needs help and what type of assistance is required. In addition to seeking contributions, TCA, Parker and TCC are collecting equipment and supplies to distribute to our DCs in need. This will be an ongoing initiative that will take time to collect and distribute to those affected by Harvey.

We want to know from all DCs who were in the path of Harvey, "What do you need?" We know the need for equipment, adjusting tables, computers, office furniture, office supplies and fixtures will be a priority. If you have any of these items to donate, we are working to establish donation pick-up and drop-off locations throughout the state. In addition, we have DCs offering space at their clinics so their colleagues can get back to treating patients.

There are many who wish to support through monetary donations, and you can contact the TCA office to donate. The funds will be used to assist fellow chiropractors with rebuilding, purchasing of equipment, storage and transporting equipment, rent/mortgage payments and more.

These donations are for ALL Texas chiropractors, not just TCA members. We are establishing the distribution application process and want to ensure that those who need help, get it. We are a strong, proud community of helpers and will continue to do so through this period of adversity.

Thank you for your support and concern. We are Texas strong!
Max Vige, DC