Chiro Texpo Schedule and Speakers

Download the Chiro Texpo schedule.

Chiro Texpo '20 featured a mixed platform of live programming,
and on-demand sessions to serve the continuing education needs of our Texas chiropractors. 


CE Session #1 (8 CE) MediScare 2020: Be Prepared NOT Scared! Kelli Moore, MCS-P, CCCPC | Sponsored by The Collection Coach

CE Session #2 (1 CE) New Paradigms after Pandemic  | Brad Glowaki, DC | Sponsored by Level Up

CE Session #3 (3 CE) Super Awareness (Master Adjusting) Francis Murphy, DC | Sponsored by OTZ Health Education

CE Session #4 (1 CE) Becoming the Cultural Authority on Health Alex Vidan, DC

CE Session #5 (2CE) The Role of Nutrition, Stress, Reduction of Infection in the Promotion of Cognitive Health in the Athlete  Cindy Howard, DC | Sponsored by Protocol For Life Balance

CE Session #6 (4 CE) TBCE Required Hours, Michele Quattlebaum | Sponsored by ChiroMatrix  

CE Session #7 (1 CE hour) A Better Way: The World Needs to Know YOU Are the Obvious Solution! Tabor Smith, DC | Sponsored by A Better Way Film

CE Session #8 (4 CE) The Secrets of Scapula Dynamics & Rehab for Shoulder Conditions & Injuries Mitch Mally, DC | Sponsored by Mally Enterprises

CE Session #9 (1 CE) Clinical Excellence and Success as a Primary Spine Practitioner  Donald Murphy, DC | Sponsored by Parker Labs

CE Session #10 (1 CE) Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain: Applying an Evidence-Based Approach to Spine Problems in a Busy Clinical Environment
                                                 Donald Murphy, DC | Sponsored by Parker Labs

CE Session #11 (2 CE) Preventative Legal Medicine: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in the Chiropractic Practice Joseph F. Coniglio | Sponsored by OUM

CE Session #12 (2 CE) What Story Do Your Records Tell? Dave Klein | Sponsored by PayDC

CE Session #13 (2 CE) Chiropractic Homeostasis Anish Bajaj, DC |Sponsored by Foot Levelers

CE Session #14 (1.5 CE) Foundations for Correcting TMJ Dysfunction  Alex Vidan, DC

CE Session #15 (1 CE) Personal Injury: Negotiations, Litigation & Related Issues with Insurance Companies Panel Discussion | Sponsored by Bergquist Law Firm

CE Session #16 (1 CE) Personal Injury: Treatment & Related Issues with Insurance Companies Panel Discussion | Sponsored by Bergquist Law Firm

CE Session #17 (4 CE) Acupuncture Orthopedics - Quick & Easy  Mark Hanson, DC

CE Session #18 (4 CE) Well Adjusted Mamas: Pregnancy and Postpartum Adjusting  Danielle Finden, DC

CE Session #19 (1 CE) Audits Are On The Rise Kristi Hudson | Sponsored by ChiroHealthUSA

Info Session #1  Experiences Not Things Nathan Unruh | Sponsored by Sidecar

Info Session #2 New Doc Seminar: Chiropractic Law Joshua Massingill, Esq. | Sponsored by Joshua Massingill, Attorney at Law, PLLC

Info Session #3  Manage Your Federal Student Loan Debt Adam Shapiro | Sponsored by Student Loan Tutor

Info Session # 4 Online Marketing | Sponsored by ChiroMatrix 

CA/Staff Training #1 (6 hours) From Good to Great! Chiropractic Assistants and Staff Training Kelli Moore, MCS-P, CCCPC | Sponsored by The Collection Coach

CA/Staff Training #2 (1 hour) Crucial Compliant Conversations for the Chiropractic Office | Kristi Hudson | Sponsored by ChiroHealthUSA

TCA President’s Virtual Awards Presentation Watch on YouTube! 
Awards announced for Keeler Plaque, Young Chiropractor of the Year, President’s Award, and swearing in of 2020-2021 TCA Executive Officers. | Sponsored by Bergquist Law Firm    

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