Committees and Task Forces

Committees & Task Forces

Are you looking for ways to expand your professional network and contribute to TCA? We need volunteers who will help TCA create a stronger organization and build a more cohesive chiropractic community in the Lone Star State.

Committee volunteers help TCA by advancing the strategic plan and influencing the direction of the association. Serving on a committee is one of the best ways to become more involved and make an impact on the profession. If you would like to become involved with a committee or task force, email [email protected] and indicate your preferred committee or area of interest.

CDI Committee 
Purpose/responsibilities: Develop strategies and oversee TCA’s fund-raising initiatives for the Chiropractic Development Initiative (CDI). 
Chair: Hollen Meyer, DC 

Education & Events Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Provide strategic direction in planning of continuing education and business seminars and e-learning. Recruit speakers, develop programs and oversee the educational components of TCA conferences. Provide input into the planning of special events and activities at TCA conferences. Manage approval of TCA-sponsored continuing education providers.

Chair: Michael Ponce, DC and Jose Simon, DC

Insurance Relations Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Represent TCA in the profession to the insurance industry in Texas. Monitors and interprets insurance statutes and regulation in Texas and in coordination with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) nationwide.  Work to improve patient access to and reimbursement for the services provided by DCs in Texas. Coordinate with the Public Relations/Communications Committee for the doctors’ information advocacy network and with the Education & Events Committee for teaching Texas DCs the procedures and protocols for dealing with insurance carriers.

Chair: Adam Zelinski, DC

Interprofessional Relations Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Represents TCA and the profession to the health profession’s council as well as other groups such as nurses, optometrists and non-MD providers.

Chair: Mirna Masri, DC

Financial Oversight & Budget Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Oversee the development and implementation of the annual TCA budget and financial oversight of the association.

Chair: Josh Bonine, DC 

Legislative Affairs Committee

Purpose/responsibilities:  Develop and oversees the TCA grass roots political network. Coordinates with the Public Relations Committee for development and oversight of advocacy network. Develop state legislative priorities and agenda. Coordinates and oversees the TCA lobby team. Coordinate with American Chiropractic Association (ACA) for legislative and political activity in Washington, DC.

Chair: Jon Blackwell, DC

Legal Affairs Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Coordinate with and oversee TCA attorneys regarding litigation involving TCA. Monitor litigation in Texas and elsewhere (in coordination with TCA attorneys) which may be of interest to TCA and the chiropractic profession in Texas.

Chair: Tom Hollingsworth, DC

Membership Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Develop and oversee programs to increase the numbers in all categories of membership in TCA.  Develop and oversee program and services to increase benefits and the value of TCA membership. Oversee all aspects of membership relations.

Chair: Don White, DC

Next Gen DCs Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Responsible for developing programs, products and services to meet the needs of students and doctors of chiropractic within their first 10 years of licensure.

Chair: Sammi Mees, DC

Practice, Protocols & Parameters Committee

Purpose/Responsibilities:  Serve as the primary clearing house for scientific and practice information important to the chiropractic profession in Texas. Support the activities of Legislative Affairs, State Affairs, Legal Affairs, Public Relations/Communications, Insurance Relations and other committees and the TCA membership as necessary.

Chair: Jeff Williams, DC

Public Relations/Communications Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Oversee media relations, development of favorable media and press coverage and response to negative media and press coverage. Develop and oversee the TCA advocacy network in coordination with Legislative Affairs. Coordinate communications in collaboration with Legal Affairs, Legislative Affairs, Insurance Relations, Practice Protocols & Parameters, Education & Events, Membership, Chiropractic Development Initiative and other committees.

Chair: Andrew Oteo, DC

State Affairs Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Represent the chiropractic profession in TCA to the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) and the Texas Board of Health.

Chair: Korey Rose, DC

Veteran Affairs Committee

Purpose/responsibilities: Works in coordination with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) to improve chiropractic access and benefits for veterans.

Chair: Iperlitta Lolis, DC