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Continuing Education Hours in Texas

Every licensee renewing an active chiropractic license must meet the CE requirements outlined by 
the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) in Board Rule 73.1

All Texas licensed DCs must complete 16 hours of Continuing Education (CE) each renewal cycle, four of which are in Board-required topics. No more than ten hours may be obtained through online courses, and webinars are treated as live courses in Texas.

The 16 hours may be completed at any course or seminar chosen by the licensee, as long as the course or seminar has been approved in advance by TBCE. A licensee who also holds a Board-issued permit to perform specialized techniques or procedures shall complete any continuing education required by the Board to obtain and maintain the permit.

If you fail to complete your 16 hours, your license may not be renewed; however, it will be placed in a probated status for up to 12 months. At the conclusion of the 12 months, if you still have not remedied the delinquent CE hours, your license will be considered expired, backdated to the beginning date of the probationary year.  **Note, this renders your license non-renewable, and you will need to apply as a new licensee for a new license.  The Board is auditing licensee CE completion UPON renewal and is checking to make sure everyone is current on CE requirements. 

Don’t risk your license by not completing your hours! 


How many hours do I need per year?

Every licensee shall attend and complete 16 hours of continuing education each year unless a licensee is exempted. Each licensee's reporting year shall begin on the first day of the month in which his or her birthday occurs. Click here for TBCE Continuing Education rules.

How do I complete my CE hours?

The 16 hours of continuing education may be completed at any course or seminar elected by the licensee, which has been approved by TBCE.  No more than 10 hours or credit may be obtained through online courses.  Click here for a list of TCA sponsored TBCE approved CE courses.

What hours are required by TBCE?

A minimum of four hours of the total required continuing education shall consist of a course specifically related to the Board's rules including the Board's code of ethics, record keeping, documentation, and coding. This continuing education course must be taken in a "live format"* through a course approved by the board. 

A minimum of one hour of the total required continuing education shall relate to risk management relating to the practice of chiropractic in Texas. For the purpose of this rule, risk management refers to the identification, investigation, analysis, and evaluation of risks and the selection of the most advantageous method of correcting, reducing, or eliminating, identifiable risks. 
*"Live format" means any education course that is not pre-recorded and is presented in real time through an interactive medium such as a live webinar, an in-person training event, or telephone conference.

When do I need to complete Medicare hours?

Licensees who were initially licensed on or after September 1, 2012, must complete at least eight hours of continuing education in coding and documentation for Medicare claims no later than their second renewal period unless they are in exempted status. The eight hours of required continuing education in coding and documentation for Medicare claims may be counted as part of the total of 16 continuing education hours required during the year in which the eight hours were completed. Click here for TBCE Continuing Education rules.

What are the rules for acupuncture?

A licensee may receive an acupuncture permit from the Board by completing at least one hundred (100) hours of training in acupuncture and passing the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners' examination. The training must be provided by an accredited chiropractic college, or post-secondary university, or other educational or testing institution approved by the Board. Such training shall include didactic, clinical, and practical training in the practice of acupuncture, clean needle techniques, examination, and protocols that meet the blood-borne pathogen standard established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

A licensee permitted to practice acupuncture must complete a minimum of eight (8) hours in Board-approved acupuncture courses every biennium.
Click here for the complete rule.

For more information regarding licensing requirements, contact the Texas Chiropractic Board of Examiners.