PACE Approved Courses

What is a PACE approved course?

PACE is service provided by The Federation of Chiropractic Boards whose mission is "to protect the public by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation through service to our member boards."

They approve CE providers to issues CE credits to courses.  Texas Chiropractic Association is one of their CE providers. Over 30 States will accept PACE approved CE hours.  CLICK HERE  to see if your State accepts PACE approved CE courses.  If your State requires a pre-check, contact Texas Chiropractic Association ([email protected]) to make sure the pre-check is complete.

LIST of PACE courses (Live and Online)


October 2-3 | Las Vegas, NV
Laser Therapy Certification Training for Medical Professionals: (12 CE) | Michael Mathesie, DC , Morgan Mullican, DC, Perry Nickelston, DC
Registration:  | (877) 782-7736
PACE approval # ALT10121

October 23 | Webinar
Stress & Strain Chiropractic Seminar 
(10 CE) | Thomas Bynes, DC
Registration: | (512) 501-1661
PACE approval # 9503


November 6 | Webinar 
Stress & Strain Chiropractic Seminar (10 CE) | Thomas Bynes, DC 
Registration: | (512) 501-1661
PACE approval # 9504

November 13 | Webinar 
Stress & Strain Chiropractic Seminar (10 CE) | Thomas Bynes, DC 
Registration: | (512) 501-1661
PACE approval # 9507

December 4-5 | Farmers Branch, TX 
OTZ seminar: Assessment of Diagnosis & Advanced Adjusting Techniques (12CE) | Francis Murphy, DC 
Registration: | (866) 689-4377
PACE approval # OTZ0918

December 11 | Webinar 
Stress & Strain Chiropractic Seminar (10 CE) | Thomas Bynes, DC
Registration: | (512) 501-1661
PACE approval # 9505

December 11-12 | Dallas, TX
Battlefield Acupuncture/Auricular Acupuncture/TBCE mandatory hours 
(16 CE including 4 TBCE) | Mark Hanson DC
Registration:  | (214) 881-5922
PACE approval # BA1221


Acupuncture as an Active Modality with Chiropractic Adjustment 

PACE approval # 8908

This two-part, 8 CE hour, course, has been animated for enhanced learning and long distance accessibility and provide a strong foundation that will support the understanding of RX acupuncture points, and gain greater understanding of acupuncture as an active part of your adjustment, providing quick and powerful results. Click to watch a preview for Part 1, which includes: the use of 4 needle theory and the 5 transporting points to correct muscle weakness and function; the functional difference between the yin and yang to control biomechanical dysfunction as well as to move qi and circulation; understand the 6 channel theory to balance the body in a deeper and more functional manner; learn the triple burner’s formation of qi and the system of balance it supports; and implement  correction of motion and clearing old patterns of motion (4 CE). Click to view the preview for Part 2and includes: the comparison of acupuncture, Travell Trigger and Osteopathic points; 8 extraordinary vessels - abdominal acupuncture; bio-mechanical application of  pelvic and scapula stability; and clinical treatment plus needle safety techniques. Also included are original  and accurate charts and diagrams for study and practice activities (4 CE). Instructor: Rosanne Butera, DC 

Registration: email: [email protected]  | Find all videos

Clinical Acupuncture Orthopedics 

PACE approval #CA012

This course is designed to teach the practitioner in the treatment of conditions related to the spine as well as the upper and lower extremities that are often seen in the Chiropractic clinic daily.  There is a relationship of the subluxation complex and dysfunctions which produces pain in various parts of the body and this will be discussed.  This course covers headaches of various types, cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral spinal issues.  Additionally, the upper and lower extremities will be covered by each particular joint.  Treatment review of proper needling and other non-needle treatment such as cupping, gua sha and electrical stimulation procedures and the different machines used.  Clinical Diagnostic tools will be presents to assist the Doctor in treatment recommendation.

Registration: www.EasternMedicineInstitute.c... | (214) 881-5922

Stress & Strain

PACE approval # 8031

Unit I: Chemical Stress ● Harmful Ingredients in Foods & Beverages that Damage Health ● Toxic Additives, Preservatives & Chemicals Hiding in Plain Sight ● Combating the Aggressive Effects of Cancer ● How to Avoid Hazardous Personal Care & Household Products

Unit II: Nutrition & Wellness ● Comprehensive Nutrition and Detoxification Research ● Common Supplements & Herbs to Avoid ● Tips for Improving Heart Disease, Blood Pressure & Gut Health ● Diet & Fitness Facts  

Registration: | (512) 786-0099