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TCA PAC: The Road to 2023

The countdown to the 2023 Texas Legislative Session is on! The key to success in Austin is getting pro-chiropractic candidates elected in our state, and it all starts with the TCA Political Action Committee (TCA PAC). The TCA PAC hosted more than 20 TCA PAC Meet the Candidate Forums in 2020 to introduce you to pro-chiropractic candidates and create awareness of the PAC. Thank you to all who attended and donated and we hope to do the same in 2022!

The work is not over! You can still contribute online to the TCA PAC, text TCAPAC to 1-512-855-6322, send in a PAC Contribution Form to TCA by emailing [email protected] or fax (512) 477-9296, or call in your contribution to the TCA office at (512) 477-9292. 

The Texas Chiropractic Association Political Action Committee (TCA PAC) works to promote the inclusion of chiropractic and the improvement of Texas patients’ health care by raising funds and contributing to support worthy candidates for state office who have demonstrated their belief in the value of chiropractic and the legislative agenda of the Texas Chiropractic Association.

As part of its legislative agenda, TCA has authored several bills that will advance chiropractic and build on the momentum we’ve created. But it takes friends to get things done, elected officials who are willing to sponsor our bills and flex their political muscle for chiropractic.

On the heels of our recent successes, now is the time to support candidates who will fight for chiropractic in the Legislature. 


Political advertising paid for by the Texas Chiropractic Association Political Action Committee, 1122 Colorado Street Ste 307, Austin TX 78701.

TCA  is counting on you – and all of our members -- to become PAC donors. That means making an annual donation – or, better yet, a monthly contribution to the TCA PAC. You can donate to the PAC online or complete the PAC Contribution Form and return it to the TCA office. You can also call the TCA office at (512) 477-9292 to make a contribution.

In addition, TCA hosts PAC fundraisers for TCA-backed candidates across the state. If there’s a PAC event in your area, plan to attend, bring a check for the candidate and invite another chiropractor. Your individual PAC donation supplements the contributions TCA makes to our top candidates. Together, we can bring greater awareness to chiropractic in Texas!